A “Master Class” in marketing with Eversheds KZN & Cats & Shepherd

Eversheds KZN, a full service legal firm teamed up with local digital marketing consultancy, Cats & Shepherd, (us) for a Master Class in Marketing.

The event, held at Hodari Offices in Umhlanga, opened with a presentation from Eversheds KZN regarding POPI, or the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI), that is currently in limbo in government, but promises to have far reaching consequences for how companies treat their customers, how they market to them, and most importantly how they manage their communications with those customers.

The presentation was given by Eversheds KZN POPI expert, Lara Wills, who explained the current situation with POPI in government, and gave clear examples for the gathered guests on how to integrate POPI compliance into their marketing strategies going forward.

Key points in the presentation were the potential risks companies face in not being POPI compliant such as

  • Civil action
  • Reputational risk
  • Administrative fines


Cats & Shepherd, presented by founder Mark Smith was up next, and Mark outlined the value proposition of Cats & Shepherd.

We exist to build value for our clients”

As marketers, we are always being asked to do more with less, to get more customer data and to protect that data. The sad reality is that marketing is very often last in the development queue. To that point we are developing three products which talk to exactly that.”

The first product, “Outbreak”, is a plug and play viral loop for agencies, or marketers. Using a simple mechanic, we can extend the reach of any campaign.

Next up “Incite”, which is all concerning customer insights, and Mark showed what was possible to be gathered from an email address and public data.

Lastly, “POPIfields”, which spoke directly to Lara’s point about compliance becoming more important for companies, and this secure storage solution for consumer details would mean any agency or company could become POPI compliant within a day.


Once the marketing talk was done, it was time to get down to the MasterClass, led by Naroon Hafajee of Diageo, who led the guests through the process of making their very own cocktails, the signature Eversheds and the signature Hodari, all using Diageo spirits such as Tanqueray 10 & Ketel 1 Vodka.

Many cocktails, and many laughs later, the Masterclass was over.